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Eventide Departure Red Escape Room

Eventide Departure Red

Play your own movie...

Can you and your companions solve the mystery of the last will and testament of the departed Professor Firestone and escape the ritual before it’s too late?

Revolutionary dueling escape game option, featuring two digitally-connected copies. Unravel the mystery alone with your team, or go head-to-head against rival adventurers!

Eventide Departure, one of our most popular games, now offers greater flexibility! The twin Red and Blue rooms are exact replicas, allowing for either single-group play or real-time competition between two groups.

Escape Room Difficulty: MediumThe road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Does your group have what it takes to escape?
For 2-8 Players
From age: AGE 8
Game duration: 60 minutes
2$59.95 /
3 - 4$44.95 /
from 5$39.95 /